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Present Information

Presently the college is being operated by a Governing Body (GB) which is presided by Honourable Member of parliament and freedom fighter A.K.M. Selim Osman. His exceptional leading is directing the college toward a glorious and prosperous future.

 It offers Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) course for Science, Business studies, Humanities group under the authority of Secondary and Higher Secondary education department (SHED). It also offers graduation degree (Honours and Pass course) under the authority of National University. It has eight departments for honours. They are:

  1. Department of Accounting
  2. Department of Marketing,
  3. Department of Management,
  4. Department of Bangla,
  5. Department of English,
  6. Department of Social work,
  7. Department of Political Science, and
  8. Department of Economics.

For pass course it offers Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of arts (BA), and Bachelor of Social Science (BSS). Total number of current students is around 12,000. Opening Professional Courses (BBA, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Computer Science) and Masters Courses in all the above departments is on under process.