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The Department of Physics under the Faculty of Science of Narayanganj College started its' journey of excellence in the year 1980, from the very beginning of the Alma mater. According to the preceding continuation, The Department of Physics has been being conducted with utmost success. As a result, The department has been contributing for the development of results of The Faculty of Science in the public examinations.

The Department if Physics is performing with utmost satisfaction under the satisfaction under the supervision of the departmental head Mr.Shuvankar Paul.

Future Planning:

The Department of Physics has taken the resolve for the betterment of the results of the students Faculty of science in the H.S.C examination by maintaining intensive monitoring and quality education.

For the fulfillment of the department, it is high time to start B.Sc(Pass) and BSc(Honors) Course.



Narayanganj College, Narayanganj

Name   Shuvankar Paul Chairman%20Photo
Designation   Lecturer
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Phone   01671770199
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